Our goals, our rules, and your responsibilities.

Academy of Martial Arts Goals

  1. 01To create a strong school spirit and atmosphere where students work together, help each other, respect, encourage and support each other no matter what age, sex, race, or economic background.
  2. 02To help each student eliminate fear, overcome weaknesses and develop positive mental attitudes so that 100% of their mental and physical potential can be realized.
  3. 03This molding of character and attitude will help a person succeed not only in Unified Tae Kwon-Do, but in any phase of life as well.

Student Oath

  1. 01Hana: I shall observe the tenets of Tae Kwon-Do: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit.
  2. 02Dul: I shall respect the instructors and fellow students.
  3. 03Set: I shall never misuse Tae Kwon-Do.
  4. 04Net: I shall be a worthy representative of Unified Tae Kwon-Do.
  5. 05Dasut: I shall strive for Self-Improvement and will always be eager to learn.

Academy of Martial Arts Rules

  1. 01Students are required to read and understand the Student Oath, School Goals and School rules.
  2. 02Bow to the flags upon entering and leaving.
  3. 03Bow to the instructors upon entering and leaving.
  4. 04Greet fellow students with a bow.
  5. 05Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  6. 06Shoes, food or drink are prohibited in the training area.
  7. 07Students may teach only with the instructor’s permission.
  8. 08It is disrespectful to ask an instructor or senior belt to free spar.
  9. 09Idle chatter is not allowed during classes.
  10. 10Control must be used during sparring.
  11. 11Nothing is to be left in the changing rooms, Staff is not responsible for anything lost or stolen.
  12. 12This is your school and you are required to maintain it and clean it. Leave it better than you found it.
  13. 13Warnings are given to each student who cannot follow the school rules or cause trouble for the instructor or other students. The students and parents are informed of the misconduct to ensure the lines of communication can remain open between the student, parent, and instructor. Repeated warnings that go unheeded can result in the student’s losing all the Academy’s privileges. Tuition payments are not refundable.
  14. 14Misconduct, arguing, loss of temper, foul language, etc. – May cause loss in membership privileges.

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