Come see and experience why we call AMAFL the hottest place to be.

We have no doubt that the Academy of Martial Arts can help change and enhance your life.

We have been offering our martial arts programs since 1986. We are the only school in the area that has the experience and instructor lineage to equip our students with a complete martial arts sports program.

Upon your first day we will greet you and give you a tour.

YOUR FREE TRIAL – What you need:

  • Wear something comfortable (shorts, sweatpants and a t-shirt will do/ no sneakers needed, no other equipment is needed at this time)
  • Try to arrive 5-10 mins on your first day early so we can show you the facility to get a full tour
  • Get excited!
  • Feel free and comfortable to ask any questions about training, martial arts, and your goals
  • You don’t need any equipment – we will have everything here for you
  • You don’t need any experience – all levels from beginner to experienced students will find themselves feeling comfortable, safe and also challenged
  • We have digital lockers, free filtered water and showers for your convenience

The trial days are there to introduce you to the Academy, our curriculum, our arts, our instructors, our community and our values.

Ormond Beach/Holly Hill
114 N. Yonge Street
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
PhoneE: (386) 677-6811